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5 Things I Learned From Beating Addiction And Depression

Dealing with depression can be one of the hardest struggles some of us can go through in life. When it’s combined with an addiction, it could very well be the most difficult test you’ll ever face. A dual diagnosis will require a much more efficient and tailored treatment per patient. Of course, living with both can be heartbreaking and challenging not only for whoever suffers addiction but also for everyone who loves them. But fear not, it is doable.

During recovery, there are many obstacles to face, many situations that will make us doubt ourselves, our process and our ability to overcome it all. Depression will always be lurking around every corner waiting for the perfect moment to take over and push us back into the abyss of addiction. That’s why it’s so important to get all the professional help we need along with the love and support of everyone around us.

Here are 5 things I learned after dealing with a dual diagnosis:

You learn to take things slow

Once you’ve recognized the very clear signs of depression and experienced its dark depths, it’s hard not to think about the past. But within thetime I learned not to resent it or duel in it. The past will never be changed, but I don’t have to let it mold my present, least of all my future.

I try to enjoy every day and every moment in its own unique way. Working hard with every breath I have to ensure that all the things I am doing are aimed at the goals I have set for my new life, without regrets and always learning to be better.

You strengthen body and mind

Giving up substance abuse and going through a professional program will ensure that our bodies will start to recover, and our minds will definitely follow. Embracing a spiritual and focused state of mind gives us strength for present and future obstacles; it will be the tool used to cope and manage any negative feelings that may come our way.

Working in ourselves is a hard but necessary task, not only for us (recovering addicts) but for everyone. Going through this process will let us realize who we are and work on those aspects we would like to change, or that are not very constructive. The outcome?  Reaching the calm that seemed so elusive before, it will also lead to a better mood, a better outlook on life and a better attitude towards everything around us.

You learn to love yourself

Depression leads to low self-esteem. Addiction does the same. Both of them bring shame and rejectionbecause of deep down, we know we’re doing something wrong. After such a long time hating and disapproving yourself, the next step is to re-learn who you are and accept it. Then, you learn to love yourself.

Loving yourself also means forgiving yourself, starting from scratch, giving you and your mind a new chance to live. Our new healthy and happy life can only be built on self-acceptance, peace with our past and complete forgiveness of it. Nothing can change what happened, but we can work to change what’s to come.

It’s OK to need help

We can’t do everything on our own, and dealing with addiction and depression can be difficult enough to make us try (and fail) several times.

Learning how it was OK for me to need help and ask for it was one of the biggest improvements I had during my recovery. Letting go of the pride, shame and being able to acknowledge that other people cared and wanted to help was a beautiful realization.

I learned that falling was not something bad, that feeling despaired or hopeless was normal with my condition, however, the most important lesson was that I didn’t need to stay that way.

Become a new person

The hardest times in life change us. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Going successfully through a rehabilitation program was hard, and I thought about giving up countless times, and almost gave into the temptation of relapsing and going back to disappoint every person supporting me. But in the end, once I walked past the first finish line (because …

I Ran into a Freak Wave

It was sort of a freak thing. We were out on the boat fishing on a perfectly calm day and all of a sudden there was a really big wave. I do not know where it came from or why it suddenly appeared, but it knocked me on my butt and at the time I was moving the cooler. That was why my back got hurt and I went to see my doctor after I realized that it was not going to get better on it’s own. He could offer me pills, but a chiropractor in Huntington NY was the one that actually sorted out the problem. It was not a decision that I made too easily.…

I Did Not Want Surgery on My Shoulder

I had no intention of going to a Corte Madera chiropractor because I thought that this was the type of medical professional that car accident victims went to. I did not have back problems either, but I did have pain in my shoulder. I thought it would go away at first, but it persisted. I then tried to play doctor myself, and I alternated between heat and ice, as well as taking pain pills when it got too hard to take the pain. I knew I had to do something though, so I went to my primary care physician.

He did X-rays, and then he wanted to do surgery after not being able to correctly diagnose what was happening. He thought that the best course of action was to get in there and find out what was happening. To me, that sounded like the worst course of action. I am not a fan of surgery when the problem is definitely known, so I could not advocate having surgery done when the problem was not even known.…

Feeling Like a Much Younger Man Without the Back Pain Bugging Me

I woke up one morning with an awful backache. I actually was okay while I was in bed. It was when I went to stand up that it hurt so bad. I went downstairs to make a cup of tea before heading back upstairs to the office in our house to check my email. Going down the steps I was a bit stiff. Coming back up I could hardly carry the cup of hot tea. I ached with every step. I was moaning and groaning a lot. My wife asked me what was wrong. She looked up Vancouver chiropractors to schedule me an appointment. I had not been to a chiropractor since we moved here many years ago.…