5 Tips To Make Cakes Without Oven And Mixer

Baking is one of the fun activities for those who love the world of cooking. The cake can also be one of the moodbooster to make your mood well when subjected to setress due to the large number of your work. You can create various types of cakes ranging from cake that has a sweet taste or the cake is not too sweet by using various recipes. By using the simple cake recipe without oven or use another recipe to suit what you want. Make the cake does not have to always use oven and mixer, you can use the tips below if you want to make a cake without oven and mixer.

Use the materials in a room temperature

Most cake recipes, especially the texture expands, definitely need to experience space materials. Because, it is easier to mix with and dough made with this room-temperature later will not fail when put in the heater due to differences in temperature drastically. And the result could avoid the cake texture that fail or deflate. So, remove the cake ingredients commonly stored in refrigerators such as eggs, milk, and butter then let sit until room-temperature.

Reduce the use of eggs in the dough

Basically, the egg can indeed be a softener for dough and give a sense of its own. In addition, eggs can also develop and become a natural emulsifier in the dough. However the eggs are beaten and stirred not perfect can leave the aromas and flavors of the egg on the cake. Seeing as you can’t use a mixer, we can use the recipe by reducing the amount of use of the egg. Alternatively, you can replace the use of eggs with other ingredients like know that tastes more plain silk or chia seed soaked with water.

Take advantage of the double acting baking powder

The mixer is a tool which can rely on baking, one of which was to include a lot of air in the dough in order to expand. No wonder, many cake recipes that use the mixer reduces the use of artificial materials developers. But seeing as there are no such mixer tool, we can use double acting baking powder. In addition to practical use, double acting baking powder can also minimize the cake that failed especially if you have trouble stirring the ingredients with a spatula or whisk.

Melt or blend solid ingredients before getting into the batter

If no mixer, then should we are conditioning the batter so that more easily stirred and well blended with a spatula or whisk. In addition to selecting the dry ingredients, you can also melt or blend ingredients such as butter, dense-textured chocolate Cookbook, etc. in advance. Melt the butter and chocolate Cook can be steamed while smoothing the additional ingredients such as banana could be crushed with a fork or spatula.

Make sure the pan broiled or pan temperature heat

Same as barbecuing with the oven, steamed pot to be used for any cookie dough should be as hot. Ideally when we open the cover the Pan, hot steam will come out of the pan. How, fill the pot with water approximately 200 ml height. Heat over medium heat and cover the pot until the water is boiling. When it’s time to insert the dough into the pan, reduce the heat a little water so that the burner flame does not explode because it was too hot and make his cake easy wavy and thus deflated.